Flexblue, an innovative concept

Flexblue is a small subsea nuclear power plant with an output rating of 50 to 250 MWe. The power plant proper comprises a nuclear reactor, a steam turbine-alternator set and associated electrical equipment. Submarine power cables will carry electricity from the Flexblue plant to the coast. Flexblue plants are designed to be moored on an extremely stable seafloor at a depth of 60 to 100 metres a few kilometres off shore. Ballast tanks will be used to raise or lower the plant during installation and for major maintenance, refuelling or dismantling. A Flexblue plant should be able to meet the electricity requirements of regions with a population of 100,000 to 1,000,000, depending on the plant’s power rating, living standards and the needs of local industries. The Flexblue concept calls for plant housed in a cylindrical hull measuring around 100 metres in length by 12 to 15 metres in diameter for a total mass of around 12,000 tonnes. Each hull and power plant would be transportable using a purpose-built vessel.

Proven technologies, innovative solution

Flexblue is based entirely on proven technologies combined in a new way. The result is a major innovation in the global energy market. The concept draws on DCNS’s 40 years’ experience in nuclear engineering and a century of experience in submarine design and construction. It also benefits from the Group’s unique expertise in naval systems and nuclear propulsion. Flexblue brings together the very best of DCNS’s know-how in submarine engineering and marine environments to ensure performance, reliability, safety, durability and environmental protection.

Proven reactor design

Compared with the reactors powering nuclear submarines, which are specifically designed for naval propulsion, Flexblue reactors will be tailored for continuous power generation. Because Flexblue is based on a modular design concept, it is inherently compatible with current and future generations of small- and medium-sized reactors (SMRs).