Civil nuclear engineering

Civil nuclear engineering: a long-term commitment

Of the target markets identified by DCNS’s growth strategy, civil nuclear engineering is expected to result in truly value-adding business fairly rapidly. The Group is planning on a long-term commitment based on leveraging its long-established expertise in complex advanced-technology programmes and more particularly in naval nuclear propulsion.

With a track record as prime contractor to the French Navy for nuclear propulsion systems that goes back over 50 years, DCNS has proven expertise in the delivery of turnkey facilities based on solid know-how.

An innovative player in energy

Today, DCNS is leveraging its know-how in nuclear engineering for re-application in the fast-growing civil nuclear energy sector.

From design concept to programme completion, DCNS proposes its expertise as a prime contractor for major subassemblies for nuclear powerplants, a manufacturer of equipment and facilities built to nuclear safety standards and a service provider in areas ranging from nuclear powerplant maintenance and life extension to decommissioning and dismantling.

DCNS combines experience, complete familiarity with the nuclear engineering culture and deep understanding of the codes used by French industry leaders like Areva and EDF as well as international players. These include RCC-M and RCC-MR rules for design and construction and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standards.