13-15 March 2013

DCNS is a world leader in naval defence and an innovative player in energy. DCNS has recently established a partnership with Colombia, the Group contributed to carry out the refit of the four Almirante Padilla frigates for the Colombian Navy. DCNS delivers innovative solutions from integrated warships to strategic systems, equipment, services and new energy solutions.

DCNS will participate to Colombiamar exhibitions in Cartagena de Indias from 13 to 15 March 2013. It is a chance for the Group DCNS to showcase its expertise in this key export market and to meet key players.

The DCNS stand at Colombiamar showcases:

  • The innovative Gowind vessels, a new family of ocean-capable vessels designed by DCNS for all littoral and sea operations, which are exceptional tools able to fulfil missions ranging from anti-piracy up to sea control and denial. Gowind Combat has a full-scale Mission Management System for full-scale multi-threat missions, including a full ASW suite with towed array sonar and improved stealth and survivability.
  • Andrasta, a compact submarine specially designed to operate in coastal waters, a theatre of growing importance to all maritime nations. Being also a fearsome adversary in deep water, Andrasta combines a state-of-the-art design with stealth, agility and power. A direct descendant of the Scorpene family, Andrasta is remarkably effective in any underwater role that a client navy may wish to assign to it.
  • Contralto submarine and surface ship anti-torpedo countermeasure system, last generation product, developed mainly to face against the appearance of new advanced torpedoes. In 2009, DCNS signed two contracts to equip the entire French submarine fleet and the new Brazilian Scorpene.
  • Polaris, the latest member of the DCNS Combat Systems family, a sea-proven compact solution designed to fulfil Navies and Coast Guards’ needs for surveillance, littoral zone protection and Economical Exclusive Zone protection missions. It offers scalable functionalities that are built for maritime situation awareness, interoperability and surface warfare management. The functional core is a robust, optimized and capable tactical system, which takes benefit of DCNS Combat Systems already in service. Polaris is specifically designed for light and medium size surface ships.
  • The whole range of services proposed by DCNS in naval bases and shipyards from design, engineering, construction, operation to maintenance. DCNS offers this complete set of solutions in cooperation with Navies and local suppliers, through trainings and technology transfer programs. Furthermore, DCNS provides a wide range of support services during the entire lifecycle of surface ships and submarines, to support Navies in maintaining and expanding their self-sufficiency.


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