DCNS is a French-law Public Limited Company; as at 31 December, 2016 62.49% of its capital was held by the French State, 35% by Thales, 1.64% by current and former members of staff through the Actions DCNS employee mutual fund, and 0.87% by DCNS Actionnariat.

DCNS is governed by the provisions of the French Commercial Code pertaining to Public Limited Companies, of the order of August 20, 2014 and of the French Act of 26 July 1983 relating to the democratization of public-sector companies as regards the rules governing the membership and working methods of its Board of Directors.

The company governance designates the system formed by the set of rules, behaviours and institutions which determine how the company is managed, administered and controlled. The DCNS governance is organized around an Executive Committee made up of 10 members including the Chairman and CEO.


Presided over by the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, the Executive Committee sets the Group’s objectives and rules on all matters that have a major impact on the Group’s strategy, its functioning and its commercial and operational activities. It meets twice a month. It is made up of the Financial and Legal Vice President, the Development Vice President, the General Secretary, the International Trade Director, the Programme Director, the Manufacturing Director, the Human Resources and Operations Director and the CEO of DCNS Energies.

  • Le Comité exécutif du Groupe
  • DCNS
  • De gauche à droite :
    Marie-Pierre de Baillencourt
    Directrice générale adjointe Développement ;
    Hervé Guillou
    Président-Directeur général du groupe DCNS ;
    Frank Le Rebeller
    Directeur général adjoint Finance, juridique et achats.
  • http://fr.dcnsgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/bonus-page-gouvernance-photo.png
  • Le Comité exécutif du Groupe
  • DCNS
  • De gauche à droite : Jean-Yves Battesti, Secrétaire général ;
    Philippe Sauvageot, directeur du Commerce international.
  • http://fr.dcnsgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/montage_itw-2-012.jpg
  • Le Comité exécutif du Groupe
  • DCNS
  • De gauche à droite : Pierre Legros, directeur des Programmes ;
    Thierry Kalanquin, Président-Directeur général de DCNS Energies.
  • http://fr.dcnsgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/plg-tkn.png
  • Le Comité exécutif du Groupe
  • DCNS
  • De gauche à droite : Alain Guillou, directeur des Ressources humaines
    et des opérations ;
    Andreas Loewenstein, ancien directeur de la Stratégie, des
    partenariats et de l’innovation.
  • http://fr.dcnsgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/ag-al.png
  • Le Comité exécutif du Groupe
  • DCNS
  • Nathalie Smirnov, directrice des Services.
  • http://fr.dcnsgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/smirnov.png
  • Le Comité exécutif du Groupe
  • DCNS
  • Olivier de la Bourdonnaye, directeur de l’Industrie.
  • http://fr.dcnsgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/itw-4-005.jpg


The General Management Committee considers all the major strategic, economic, financial or technological policies relating to the company’s activity. It underwrites the company’s social interests and that of its main stakeholders: shareholders, staff members and clients. It is made up of eighteen members. An administrator is appointed by decree as a representative of the Government. Eleven administrators are appointed by the Shareholders’ General Meeting, of which five are designated by the Government. Six administrators are elected to represent the workforce. Since 19 December 2014, the DCNS General Management Committee is made up of:

  • Chairman: Mr Hervé Guillou.
  • Administrator appointed by decree as a representative of the Government: Mr Jack Azoulay (as of 16 September 2016).
  • Administrators appointed by the Shareholders’ General Meeting: Mr Pascal Bouchiat, Mr Patrice Caine, Ms Gabrielle Gauthey, Mr Jacques Hardelay, Ms Sandra Lagumina, Mr Bertrand Le Meur, Ms Sophie Mantel, Ms Nathalie Ravilly, Mr Luc Rémont and Mr Bernard Rétat.
  • Administrators elected as representatives of the workforce: Mr Jacques André, Mr Thierry Barbarin, Mr Laurent Chagnas, Mr Gilles Rapale, Mr Joël Ricaud and Ms Isabelle Roué.
  • Censor : Ms Sandrine Gaudin.