Ethics and Compliance

A business is made up of men and women drawn together by a common vision and sharing a sense of responsibility towards the company for which they work. DCNS expresses this responsibility through its values ​​: conquering spirit, rigour, trust and respect.

Our values ​​reflect a conviction shared by all the Group’s employees: the importance of responsible behaviour. Ethics and Compliance stem directly from these values ​​and must be applied on daily basis by the entire DCNS Group in its relations with its employees, customers, partners, shareholders and all other stakeholders.

To our mind, Ethics and Compliance are a cornerstone of integrity and constitute a strategic imperative to which we attach the utmost importance. Ethics and Compliance contribute to the Group’s performance and its sustainability. Transparency and the strengthening of our rules and procedures are therefore among our priorities. Acting with integrity and respect is a powerful competitive advantage that enhances employee engagement towards the Company and thus their motivation to develop its business.

Our ambition, over and above the development of DCNS on its markets, is to be a responsible company. The proximity of the sea reminds us every day how our activity is wider than just our own destiny. We want to be faithful to this commitment as we write the next chapter of the human and industrial adventure that is DCNS.