Some examples of innovations


OPV (Offshore patrol vessel) L’Adroit

OPV-Adroit-en-merA series of innovations for this offshore patrol vessel were designed and built by DCNS. Funded by DCNS and available to the French Navy for three years, L’Adroit is the fruit of a codesign project put together in less than 18 months with our equipment-provider partners. The project includes several innovations: a 360-degree bridge, a specially designed integrated mast, use of automatic, rotary-wing drones, deployment ramps and recovery of launches and surface drones.



sadaDCNS achieved the world’s first automatic landing of a rotary-wing drone on the frigate Montcalm off Toulon. Under the direction of the French Navy, this feat demonstrated the Système d’Appontage et de Décollage Automatique (Automatic Deck-Landing and Takeoff System) or SADA, devised by DCNS and deployable in adverse conditions both day and night.



Premiers appontages2FREMM is the first surface ship to run on hybrid propulsion, using alternators and electric engines (insuring optimum propulsion, flexibility and silence) as well as directly-coupled gas turbines which assure maximum speed.