Facilitating innovation


Innovation is fundamental at DCNS. It has been at the heart of our DNA, ever since 1858 and creation of La Gloire, the world’s first armored frigate. This tradition followed with Le Narval, the first submarine, built in 1899, and continues right up to our own day, with the landing of a self-piloted drone on a frigate at sea – another world first. These technological breakthroughs at DCNS have been the reference for the naval, defence and energy industries, and have consolidated the Group’s position as global leader.

DCNS invents new solutions to:

  • Meet new challenges faced by the French Navy and increase its operational capacities;
  • Create products that are different, more effective and more appealing than the competition;
  • Cut costs and improve our competitive edge;
  • Prevail in new markets, to assure growth and diversification of our activities


To invent, one needs ideas. To innovate, one must transform these ideas into economic wealth. This requires three elements: a market, new ideas and entrepreneurs.
To feed and grow its innovative potential, DCNS practices “open innovation.” This policy links subcontractors, innovative small- and medium-sized businesses, scientific laboratories and industrial groups with whom DCNS shares a common strategy: the unlocking of non-competitive technologies.
For its R&D needs, DCNS makes a clear distinction between strategic technologies and critical technologies, according to their importance or to the competitive advantage required. The Group decides which technologies should be developed internally, and selects those that would better benefit from collaborative work, where DCNS and its partners combine their efforts to produce better results more quickly.


THE DKCP EXPERIMENT: bringing about innovation
DCNS workshops encourage innovation. In one, 30 of the Group’s experts work with specialists in what we call DKCP (Define, Knowledge, Concept, Proposal). These authorities have focused their collective efforts on “Conducting operations of the future,” producing to date 15 innovative propositions.