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Corvette GOWIND® COMBAT The new light global combatant

Aero maritime surveillance of wide areas, gathering of intelligence, fight against illegal activities at sea, protection of maritime sea-lines against any type of attacks, joint operations in particular close to the littoral : those are the missions that GOWIND® Combat, the new DCNS corvette, can be given


A true light frigate

Integrated with SETIS®, a combat system derived from FREMM, GOWIND® Combat can tackle air, surface and submarine threats. The shock-resistant platform (built according to military standards), the small radar cross-section together with an excellent acoustic signature make it a high-performance surface combatant.

A cost-effective solution

GOWIND® Combat can be operated by a limited crew and has been designed to offer great at-sea availability and reduced life cycle costs.

An advanced surface combatant

An integrated mast gives a tactical advantage of a panoramic detection and also the industry advantage to make the system integration and support easier. Drones integration is validated onboard GOWIND® L’Adroit OPV and obtained results are pluggable in GOWIND Combat.


  • Length 101 m
  • Beam 15,2 m
  • Displacement 2000t class
  • Range at cruising speed 3000 to 5000 nautical miles
  • Endurance Three weeks without replenishment at sea
  • Speed 27 knots
  • Crew (national navy) 65
  • Additional accommodation 15 persons
  • Main equipment (customizable configuration) 3D search radar, EW suite,
  • _12 surface-to-air missiles in VLS,
  • _8 surface-to-sea missiles,
  • _1 57 or 76 mm gun,
  • _2 remote control small calibre guns,
  • _Sonar suite, Torpedo launching system,
  • _ Helicopter and/or UAV





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