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FREMM Aquitaine Today and tomorrow’s needs

Major navies worldwide wish to acquire high performance warships with capabilities in all fields of action, capable of operating with other forces, comfortable, easy to maintain and respecting environmental issues throughout their operational life.


Multi-mission frigates

The FREMM is a front-line warship designed to form the operational backbone of major navies. The FREMM class can respond to all kinds of threats, whether from land, sea or air. Acting alone, a FREMM can assume a multitude of missions, from escort duties to naval gunfire support. As part of a joint task force, a FREMM can accommodate a fleet operations staff and, with an excellent C4ISR capability, can direct warfare in one or several spheres.


The FREMM design offers a perfect balance between stealth and hitting power. Hard-kill and soft-kill weapons, associated with a discretion profile, are selected to offer the best cost/efficiency ratio. Each component is integrated bearing in mind that a warship is no longer an accumulation of sensors and weapons but a complex system to be designed as an optimized ensemble. Thus, the performance of this system is greater than the sum of its components.

On track

With 12 frigates already on order, the DCNS has the largest naval programme underway in Europe. Thanks to 12 units already ordered, DCNS manages the Europe’s biggest naval programme. The Royal Moroccan Navy is the first FREMM export customer. FNS Aquitaine is the first of class and is at present performing her acceptance trials with a French Navy crew aboard.

Order book :
-         Royal Moroccan Navy : 1 unit with ASW enhanced capabilities
-         French Navy : 9 units with ASW and shore bombardment enhanced capabilities
-         French Navy : 2 units with area AAW enhanced capabilities


Conceived with and for the operator

All automatic systems and man-machine interfaces have been validated by operational personnel with the aim to limit and simplify the running and operations/functioning of the ship. At the heart of a new generation combat system, the SETIS, offers for example, the unique opportunity to adapt the configuration of the operations centre and each computer interface/console to the mission underway.


The FREMM bring together the best equipment available on the market and the latest DCNS exclusive technology such as hybrid machinery with improved low noise profile for anti-submarine warfare or SETIS combat system algorithms using direct data input from sensors.


The total cost of ownership of a FREMM is unequalled for a ship of 6000 tons, because of:
– The quality in assembling the ship
– The reliability required for each component
– An economy in the size of crew
– Low fuel consumption at standard operational speeds

Environmental issues

The FREMM corresponds to the most recent MARPOL regulations.

Specific adaptations

Each FREMM is built around a multi-mission base on which the client can chose to enhance the capacities in one or more domains on purchase and as a function of the budget available. The modular design of the FREMM and the active R&D policy of the DCNS guarantee the possibility of the evolution of /to make modifications to a ship all through its active life.

Generic configurations

-         Length : 142 m
-         Beam : 20 m
-         Displacement : 6000 t
-         Range at cruising speed : 6000 nautical miles
-         Speed : > 27 knots
-         Silent running up to 16 knots
-         Crew (French Navy) : 108
-         Accommodation for 145 to 180 persons

Combat system
-         SETIS

Weapons and sensors
-         Radar and communications detection
-         Radar jamming
-         ASW and AAW decoys
-         Hull sonar
-         Variable depth sonar and torpedo alert/warning
-         Torpedoes
-         Broadband communications
-         IR surveillance system
-         Multi-function radar
-         Naval cruise missiles
-         Surface to air missiles (up to 7 m long)
-         Surface to surface missiles with OTH capability
-         Guns up to 127 mm
-         CIWS
-         Helicopters
-         Drones






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