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Gowind L’Adroit® OPV Alliance of technology and simplicity

Risks and illegal practices at sea are increasing constantly: terrorism, drug trafficking, illegal fishing and illegal immigration. In the face of these plagues, and without suitable ships, states too often have to resort to intervention by combat units with disproportionate assets in terms of men, systems and equipment.


A new type of offshore patrol vessels

Specially designed for maritime protection and security missions, the GOWIND® OPVs from DCNS can carry all the prevention and action assets necessary for surveillance and policing tasks at sea, including fast commando boats, assault or transport helicopter, unmanned surveillance vehicles, electronic warfare interceptors, shell plating doors, secure high bitrate communication facilities and command aids. Thanks to exceptional endurance and manned by crews as small as thirty persons, the GOWIND OPVs provide an economical solution for ocean surveillance and security.

Unrivalled capabilities

At sea, the crew can easily and rapidly assess the situation from the panoramic bridge. It can count on the effectiveness and robustness of the easy-to-use POLARIS mission system, and on sensors grouped in the integrated mast to provide high-quality information, alerts and decision aids at any time.

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  • Length 87 m
  • Beam 13 m
  • Displacement 1000 t class
  • Range at cruising speed 8000 nautical milles
  • Endurance 3 weeks without replenishment at sea
  • Speed 21 knots or more, depending on propulsion system chosen by customer
  • Crew (national navy)32
  • Additional accommodation 27 persons
  • Main equipment2D surveillance radar
  • _Radar and communication detectors
  • _Underwater weapons and AA decoys
  • _ Infrared surveillance system
  • _ Small-calibre cannon
  • _2 machine guns, 2 water cannons
  • _Mine warfare module based on embarkation of an unmanned vehicle
  • _Helicopter, Unmanned aerial vehicle capability
  • Configurations ordered – 1 unit self-funded by DCNS and placed at the disposal of the French Navy for three years.
  • Transfer of technology – DCNS OPVs also have the advantage of being buildable in record times anywhere in the world






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