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Scorpene® DCNS' ocean-going multipurpose submarines

SCORPENE® conventional attack submarine (SSK) offer true multirole capabilities.


Based on its unmatched assets compared to other submarines in the same category – SUBTICS® powerful integrated combat system, large and varied underwater weapons payload, unrivalled acoustic advantage – SCORPENE® represent a significant threat for enemy submarines and surface ships, as well as illegal activites.

SCORPENE® submarines are able to fulfil the entire scope of missions that can be entrusted to a modern multipurpose submarine:
– anti-surface warfare
– anti-submarine warfare
– special operations
– intelligence gathering
– offensive minelaying
– area surveillance and blockade
– land strikes against land-based objectives

SCORPENE® can perform these missions during peace time, crises or war time both in shallow or blue waters.

Key features

-Available with DCNS’ proven AIP
– Very low indiscretion rate
– Powerful integrated SUBTICS® combat system
– Unrivalled sea-proven acoustic advantage
– Reduced manning and life-cycle costs
– Modular design to meet client Navy’s needs


  • Submerged speed > 20 kts
  • Submerged endurance > 3 weeks with AIP
  • Length, overall 66-76 m
  • Displacement surfaced 1550- 1850 tons
  • Displacement submerged 1790-2010 tons
  • Diving depth > 350 m
  • Autonomy > 50 days
  • Crew31
  • Since about 15 years, 4 client Navies, 14 SCORPENE® ordered) Brazil (4), Chile (2), India (6), Malaysia (2)





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