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Aircraft carriers

DCNS new aircraft carrier enables air/sea control over a wide area, strike attacks against land and maritime targets in cooperation with allied forces.

Key points

Power projection and air supremacy

During operational deployments with an air wing of 38 aircraft, it will be able to carry out up to 75 air missions per day for extended periods.

Global offers

With the ship, DCNS may also deliver:

  • A technology transfer programme through local partnership

  • Efficient supply chain services

  • Aviation equipment maintenance services

  • Maintenance contracts with a commitment on technical availability

  • A complete range of simulators and trainings


Operations proven solutions

The main guidelines for this Aircraft Carrier are:

  • A flight deck and aviation facilities based on existing solutions and taking into account several years of feedback from FNS Charles de Gaulle

  • A Combat system using FREMM technology,

  • Sea-proven power and propulsion solutions ,

  • DCNS upgraded boilers for the steam catapults.

Improved naval aviation capabilities

The new DCNS aircraft carrier is designed to operate during 6-month missions an embarked Air Wing based on Rafale fighters and Hawkeye early warning aircraft. It is also a excellent platform to command a task force.

Longer intervals between shorter refits

The ship offers improved maintainability and at-sea availability thanks to lessons learned through fleet-wide through-life support.

Generic caracteristics


- Length (flight deck): 272 m
- Beam (flight deck) : 67.5 m (37.5 at waterline)
- Displacement : 52000t class
- Range: 5000 to 9000 nm
- Endurance: 5-week mission without replenishment at sea.
- Speed: 27 knots
- Crew (ship + air wing): 900+650
- Passengers : 220

Special attention has been paid to living conditions.

Propulsion architecture

- COGAG or CODLAG with 2 shaft lines

Aviation facilities (for 30 to 40 aircrafts such as Rafale, Hawkeye, NH90 or similar):

- 13700 m2 flight deck
- 2 x 90 m steam catapults
- 3 arresting gears
- 1 barricade for emergency recovery
- 4800 m2 hangar
- 2 aircraft elevators

Combat system


Main equipment (customizable configuration)

- 3D long-range multifunction radar
- 3D medium range multirole radar
- EW suite
- 8 surface-to-air missiles in VLS
- CIWS based on short missiles and/or small/medium gun





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