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SHIPMASTER® Ship Management System

On board, Shipmaster® has several functions including a monitoring and surveillance system for running installations as well as assisting navigation and internal safety measures. It can also manage submarine security and control when diving.

Optimized performance

With multifunction consoles and an optimum architecture, Shipmaster® assures safe and secure running of the ship whatever the operational situation (transit, crisis management, combat,…) and with a reduced crew.

Shipmaster® can be adapted to the automation needs of all navies. Control and command of systems can be managed with up to 40 000 inputs/outputs.

Shipmaster® has been designed with a strong level of redundancy within the architecture. It has a high degree of availability with several control posts over the ship.

The proposed standard architecture is the result of experience at DCNS and can be adapted to the specific needs of all navies. Shipmaster® is modular and based on essentially COTS technology.

Technical characteristics

When developing these systems, DCNS complies with the safety requirements of international standards (IMO, SOLAS, BV, IEC 61508).

The OBTS (On Board Training System) is for on board crew training of the control system.

The OCMS (On Conditioning Monitoring System) is used to monitor and anticipate the maintenance of the various equipment aboard.


More than 30 years of experience, 6 client Navies for submarines:

Brazil, Chile, France, India, Malaysia, Pakistan





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