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The submarine's combat system ensures data gathering and synthesis from the different onboard sensors (SONAR, electronic warfare, air-surface detection, navigation systems, communications) as well as embarked underwater weapons management and launching.


SUBTICS® is DCNS’ reference for submarines’ combat systems. This fully integrated solution provide the submarine with multimission capabilities and a modularity adapted to the client Navies, as well as a flexibility allowing installation on new ships or during retrofit, on DCNS- or any other-designed ships.

SUBTICS® is already installed of a great numbers of platforms, and has consequently shown its great performances at sea.

Key features

SUBTICS® can be installed on any type of platform and can be configured for any type of missions in order to:
– defend national interests and sovereignty
– resolve conflicts and crises
– ensure naval superiority
– operate in constabulary duties

Main advantages:
– multimission capabilites
– high performances among submarines’ combat systems
– fully-integrated system for effectiveness in action
– modular and adaptable
– high reliability and availability
– long-term support
– partnerships with local industries
– sea-proven on several types of platforms: Scorpène, U209, A12, …


More than 40 SUBTICS® for 9 different client Navies, for new ships or retrofit:

Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, France, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Venezuela






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